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5 Fantastic Rose Gold Watches for Men

IWC Portugieser Tourbillon Hand-Wound “D.H. Craig US” (photo: R. Naas)

By Roberta Naas
Move over women, pink is for men too. Especially when it comes to the watch world. Today’s hottest luxury watches for men – from sporty to sophisticated and ultra complicated – are crafted in 18-karat rose gold. The rose gold phenomenon has roots dating back to the Second World War, when steel was needed for military arms. The jewelry industry turned to rose gold and consumers loved it. The color later translated into timepieces, and has been an undying love ever since. Here we bring you five fantastic rose gold watches for men. READ MORE

3 Factors that Make the Armin Strom Max Chilton Edge Double Barrel Watch a Winner

3 Factors that Make the Armin Strom Max Chilton Edge Double Barrel Watch a Winner

By Roberta Naas

Those familiar with Formula One racing know the name Max Chilton and Team Marussia, which is now defunct. British racecar driver, Max Chilton, however, has started a new life … this time with the American counterpart to F1: IndyCar. He has joined the Gallagher/Chip Ganassi Racing Team, donned the blue, white and silver team colors and embarked on a new direction in time with independent watchmaker, Armin Strom. The driver, already familiar with the Armin Strom brand since his F1 days, approached Armin Strom when he moved to IndyCar and the brand quickly got behind him again as a sponsor. Now, the two take their partnership to a new level, unveiling the Armin Strom Max Chilton Edge Double Barrel Watch.

Max Chilton Talks Watches With Haute Time in London

Mr. Chilton says the coolest aspect of Armin Strom's watches is that

F1 is back, and drivers are wearing new watches in the paddock this year! This week, Haute Time’s Arthur Touchot talks to British racing driver Max Chilton, of the Marussia F1 team, about his passion for watches and his partnership with Armin Strom. Haute Time: Where does your passion for watches come from? Max Chilton: I’ve always had a passion for them, before I even got into racing. I’ve always appreciated what goes into them. The manufacturing side fascinates me. I can’t believe the intricacy they get into now to make watches. They’re amazing, and that’s why it’s good to have READ MORE

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